MEDELPHARM’s Philosophy is based on the continuous search for innovation in powder compression for research & development experts linked to a sustained strive for excellence in close partnership with our customers.


After over 70 years of deep-rooted passion for high precision engineering, MEDELPHARM broke away from the purely mechanical industry and put the design & development of R&D Tablet Presses and tabletting technologies in the focus of its operations.


Complete and innovative solutions are ensured by a global team of highly competent professionals in the field of engineering, software development, tabletting technologies & formulation.


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Our roots go back to 1938 to the foundation of its first machining workshop in Bourg en Bresse.

In 1985 first work on industrial tablet presses and development of special tooling in the pharmaceutical industry took shape in the heart of Medelco.


Later MEDELPHARM was born as a dedicated branch of Medelco focusing on the pharmaceutical market.

In 2006 MEDELPHARM became an independent company and broke away from the purely mechanical sector in order to put pharmaceutical activities in the centre of its operations.