Styl'One classic

Medelpharm Styl'One Classic Tablet Press


The Research Robot.

The STYL’One CLASSIC, the most complete, versatile and affordable Research press in the world.

Perfect for the characterization of raw material or formulations, the STYL’One CLASSIC can explore automatically your research space as well as producing small clinical batches. This single-sided machine is fully instrumented and controls:

  • In-depth analysis of powder characteristics (saw tooth profile, extended dwell time, classic rotary compression profile, pre compression influence, strain rate).
  • Hand-feed, gravity-, forced- or paddle-feed shoe
  • Force/displacement/ejection on both punches. Optional instrumented die, incremental transducers


Advanced ANALIS software with the capacity of programming individual compression profiles

The tablet press comes standard as single-layer version with the "ANALIS Standard" software package that allows you different types of analysis and reporting through a set of pre-defined research profiles.


Optional software packages offer you more features like automated research (Advanced module), multilayer/ tab-in-tab (Multilayer module) and Production capacity (GMP module).

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Unique benefits in powder characterisation

A small footprint for a multipurpose all in one R&D tool.
A perfect hygiene for your clinical batches through a high level of containment.

Standard EU & IPT and non-standard tools (max tablet 40mm diam, 32mm fill).

Good/Bad tablets; paddle or gravity or hand feed (1 tablet).
Ease of use and ease of cleaning.
Repeatability of mechanical systems vs hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Precision at high speed through Planetary Roller Screw system.

Set-up the most complicated multilayer in 1 minute

A multilayer wizard guides you through the analysis of each layer step by step. This way powder loss of your valuable product is limited to a minimum and the set-up to reach the given weight and taping force can be achieved in a few minutes only.

Gravity or paddle feeders are available for each layer and can be used according to the properties of your powder.

Fully automated research

The STYL’One disposes of an automated research mode in which the production boundaries and parameters are being scanned – a truly time-and powder saving option.