Analis Classic 1


Analis Classic 2

ANALIS Classic solution – A Turnkey Open Software Package for data analysis.

ANALIS is a modular platform adapting to your tablet press to give you the utmost information in a very intuitive and user-friendly way.


Depending on the individual tablet press connected, ANALIS can be fully integrated and take control or communicate with your PLC to facilitate your tasks.


ANALIS can also work as a “slave” of your press and acquire data on your command, and even analyse imported data.


The extensive reporting choices make it a complete all-in-one Software Tool Box applicable to the full range of your studies.

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A complete set of reports.

ANALIS let you use standard reports like Heckel, force hardness and others or create your own individual analysis. 

The reporting system is very easy to use: You can work with every single data point during a single compression cycle or on batches of tablets exploiting the average values.

The power of Open Solutions.

MEDELPHARM believes in the power of open platforms and does want to lock the customer on proprietary choices.  ANALIS runs on industry standard hardware like National Instruments and allows you to export to other software packages. This represent without doubt a protection of your investment.